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Pain Therapy

Acupuncture is an effective modality in the treatment of many kinds of painful conditions

Back Pain


Back pain is caused by acute lumbar sprain, or back-side passage off the spinal nerves that are passing through narrow spinal canal stenosis, nerve compression, disc and bone disc.


Spinal Stenosis

The most common symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis include leg pain (sciatica) that may be accompanied by:

- Low back pain
- Leg numbness and tingling
- Limitations in walking.

Leg pain felt while walking (claudication) can be caused by either arterial circulatory insufficiency (vascular claudication) or from spinal stenosis (neurogenic or pseudo-claudication). Leg pain from either condition will go away with rest, but the patient usually has to sit down for a few minutes with spinal stenosis. Leg pain from vascular claudication will go away if the patient simply stops walking.​

Although occasionally the leg pain and stenosis symptoms will come on acutely, they generally develop over the course of several years. The longer a patient with spinal stenosis stands or walks, the worse the leg pain will get.

Degenerative disc
Most patients with degenerative disc disease will experience low-grade continuous but tolerable pain that will occasionally flare for a few days or more. Symptoms can vary, but the general characteristics usually include:

- Pain that is centered on the lower back, although it can radiate to the hips and legs
- Lower back pain that is continuous and lasts more than 6 weeks
- Pain that is frequently worse when sitting, when the discs experiences a heavier load than when patients are standing, walking or even laying down
- Prolonged standing may also aggravate the pain, as can bending forward and lifting an object
- Pain that is exacerbated by certain movements, particularly bending, twisting or lifting Severe symptoms can include numbness and tingling in the legs, as well as difficulty walking